It’S iN the AiR

View from Peth Fort during Monsoon

Love is in the air
and its been a long time of despair.
Even I want to witness this affair.

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P.S: Attempt at writing a haiku. Would love to hear some feedback and extra points if you can guess the context right 🙂

I was Happy!

I never wanted to realize, what is sky,
I was happy knowing I could touch it someday.

I never wanted to realize, how far is the moon.
I was happy knowing he would come to greet me everyday.

I never wanted to realize, how big is this world.
I was happy knowing things around me is my world.

I never wanted to realize, what is rain.
I was happy knowing even God shed tears like me.

I never wanted to realize, what it is like to win.
I was happy knowing I will get to play one more time.

I never wanted to realize, what people expect from me.
I was happy knowing what I want for myself.

I never wanted to realize, what is right.
I was happy knowing things I wanted to do.

I never wanted to realize, all these things.
I was happy knowing nothing about them.


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Overnight Travel

Traveling overnight with myself here
with my destination nowhere near.

Sitting alone with an eager soul
I have many thoughts to console.

With innumerable uncertainties
and very few certainties.

Closing my eyes springs so many expectations
Each having a question mark notation.

Can’t keep my eyes closed for long
Its difficult to answer questions for that long.

For a change I stared at the naked moon
And then a lightning thought made me realize soon.

For now if I have the answers I need
Why do I have to answer questions from others indeed.

With this last thought I close my eyes
And soon the tornado dies.


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Life is interesting,
interesting enough to keep you hooked

Life is fast,
fast enough to miss it completely

Life is alive,
alive enough to make its presence felt

Life is postitive,
positive enough to give you hope

Life is real,
real enough to take it seriously

Life is naughty,
naughty enough to play pranks

Life is smart,
smart enough to oversmart you

Life is precious,
precious enough to value it

life is cute,
cute enough to caress it

Life is mysterious,
mysterious enough to explore it

Life is Life,
LiFe enough to live for it


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Before the last minute passes by of the day
I have few things to say

It’s about me
I feel it’s about things I can clearly see

Today for many it was just another day
I know for me it was a special day

Thinking about things that I happened to do
I give each a thought and spare a second or two

With lots of rights and wrongs on the list
I just lie there and quietly assist

Seldom satisfied with the effort I make
I somewhere know the importance of the small steps I take

Judging the distance from my goal
I make sure I don’t miss the whole

So many things that can go wrong
I know it’s bound to happen when the path is long

With hope for things to happen right
I have my eyes set on a distant sight

Again there are things which I happen to completely ignore
I promise myself that tomorrow I will explore

By now the mind wanders like a kid in the park
I go deeper and deeper by each breath in the dark

Dreams are things that don’t easily come to me
I am the one who likes to imagine and see

Later when I open my eyes
I realize outside I have the blue skies

It’s now when I spare a thought and say
I hope I walk the talk today


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Am i wrong…

Am i wrong if i dont tell ppl what i feel abt them
Am i wrong if i dont tell ppl how much i value them
Am i wrong if i keep it to myself ?

Am i wrong if i weigh the whole
Am i wrong if i dont let petty things drill a hole
then am i wrong if i keep it to myself!

Am i wrong if i am not like the beach sand
Am i wrong if i giv everyone a fair hand
then am i wrong if i keep it to myself!

Am i wrong if i want to wait just that xtra mile
Am i wrong if i want to check just one more time
then am i wrong if i keep it to myself!

Am i wrong if i dont tell ppl what i feel about them
Am i wrong if i dont tell ppl how much i value them
Am i wrong if i keep it to myself?


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I m …

I am unhappy,
bcoz i cant keep everyone happy.

I am quiet,
bcoz i know i am not right.

I am unsatisfied,
bcoz i never expected myself to hide.

I am not ready to stand,
bcoz no one seems to understand.

I feel the shame,
bcoz i am to be blamed.

I am sorry,
bcoz i wrote my own sad story.

I am not crying,
bcoz i am still trying.


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i LiKe…

on the terrace a few days back after dinner saying to myself…

I like the darkness when the electricity goes.
I like the moonlight when there are no street lights.

I like balmy breeze around than the fan.
I like sounds that I miss in the daily chaos.

I like to observe things which I ignore.
I like to think where am I heading when I am lost.

I like to be unpredictable when people try to predict my moves.
I like to surprise by acting foolish.

I like to smile when I have nothing to do.
I like to lead when no one dares.

I like to find my weaknesses from your viewpoint.
I like to know things about me that others appreciate.


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SaMe oLd StOrY

SaMe oLd StOrY – xamz in a few days and me in a crunch situation

Are exams a
total waste?
Like I say
not my taste.

Why the hell
do I not learn?

Why do I wait
for the last junction?
Waiting for some
divine intervention

May be because
all I want are the marks.
Just to try
and escape those scars.


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