Look who’s talking about PHP :)

David, creator of Ruby on Rails recently made a post on his blog related to PHP. He did have some good things to say about PHP and as he rightly pointed out that it deserves some more respect from the community in general.

From his blog post:

I’ve been writing a little bit of PHP again today. That platform has really received an unfair reputation. For the small things I’ve been used it for lately, it’s absolutely perfect.

I love the fact that it’s all just self-contained. That the language includes so many helpful functions in the box. And that it managed to get distributed with just about every instance of Apache out there.

For the small chores, being quick and effective matters far more than long-term maintenance concerns. Or how pretty the code is. PHP scales down like no other package for the web and it deserves more credit for tackling that scope.

I have always respected and utilized them for tasks which leverage their inherent strengths 🙂

ErlyWeb: ErlangOnRails

I have been playing around with Erlang for some weekends now and I find it to be really interesting. I like the functional programming paradigm too. The syntax reminds me a little of Prolog (from my engineering days).

Programming Erlang: Software for a Concurrent World is the Pickaxe book for Erlang written by Joe Amstrong. Joe designed and implemented the first version of Erlang in 1986.

What’s all this fuss about Erlang?. This and recent articles on reddit got me interested in Erlang.

ErlyWeb - The Erlang twist on Web Frameworks

Yariv Sadan has also developed a web framework on Erlang named ErlyWeb. ErlyWeb is in its 0.7 version and has some Rails kinda feel to it but doesn’t look as clean as Rails because its on Erlang. Not many people get it but its actually because of Ruby that Rails does most of its magic its said to do. ErlyWeb is a commendable effort and I really want to give it a fair shot before I form a opinion about it.

I have a very interesting project in mind where Erlang fits the bill perfectly. More about it sometime later 😉

anonimit.net is live!

anonimity.net is live!

anonimity.net is an ideal get away from social networking apps. its a one of its kind testbed for anonimity on the web with comments, tagcloud and postflood.


* anonimity at all times

* celebrate anonimity: confess, ask, poll, comment

* track:if you create a login you can track everything. though any which ways we make no distinction between a person who has created the post or is just tracking a post. so at all times we never know who created a post.

* no profile, no friendlist, no community, no followers, no apps, no networking, no poke, no wall posts (thanks, i can hear the applause!)

reasons to pursue this idea:

* people (atleast i,) find social networking today annoying at times. i must thank it for finding my old friends and helping me connect with them but it ends there. now-a-days i find it becoming too intrusive.

* ideal platform for people to share, confess, poll and discuss away from their social network. there is no “me” and along with it there are no inhibitions. One can reach out to this whole world anonymously.

* it would be interesting to see how people interact,react,contribute by being anonymous.

read announcement here:anonimity.net is live !

Here I aM

Remember this post of mine. Adding a little more to the previous teaser post.

Last couple of weeks have been exciting, challenging, lonely, introspective and fun at times. In all its been an enriching experience to say the least. Are you guys still wondering what I have been upto?

Here is what it is all(_almost all_) about ):

rode on rails, some cool wordpress hacks, explored flex, almost released a facebook app, own two web2.0ish domains now, was on the verge of announcing a contest on the web, washed my own clothes (in no particular order)

We have taken a break from all this and just trying to re-align our goals and our deeds. We are happy to go back to the drawing board and get our act together. So, sorry to keep you waiting for a little bit longer (_may be a bit too long_) before I have something really interesting to share.

Here I am
This is me
There’s nowhere
else on earth I’d
rather be
(credits: Bryan Adams)

(The above post may make sense only to few. Others be patient and wait for some more spice from my side)

Pretty GNU Emacs with XFT goodness

I have been using Emacs for most of my ruby and rails programming. I tend to like it and now I can say that I am an Emacs addict. A week back I stumbled upon this article Pretty Emacs while search for some popular themes for Emacs. I tried installing Emacs from the repositories but the installation was never successful. Later I also followed posts GNU Emacs with XFT goodness and Emacs font joy.

Finally, I have it working(most probably) and here is my screenshot:


Looks Yummy! isn’t it?