I am passionate about startups (Zero to One) and a firm believer in the Growth Mindset. I love running, hiking & getting to know other startups/makers/artists. My not-so-secret superpowers include spending all-nighters coding and at the same time, I enjoy knocking on the doors of the #5AMclub every now and then. If you are comfortable with such contrasts – it would be fun knowing you too!

I co-founded DeltaX in 2012 and successfully bootstrapped it over the years. In the last 8 years, I’ve been involved in all facets of what it takes to run an enterprise B2B product-focused startup. The most exciting aspect of the journey has been around shipping the whiteboard discussions to the real world and creating a small dent into the ad-tech ecosystem where we have large enterprises rely on our product for their day to day and strategic operations. The most gratifying feeling has been to build a high-performance engineering culture.

At DeltaX we have built a world-leading cloud-based digital advertising platform for agencies and enterprises to efficiently buy and optimize digital media across channels. We are at the forefront of high-scalability, machine-learning/statistics to complement our platform which integrates with over 30+ marketing platforms including Google Adwords, Bing Ads, Facebook, et. all via their APIs.

We are hiring for DeltaX at Bangalore!

  • Data Science: Algorithm experts and interns who want to work on portfolio theory, statistical modeling and real-time multi-variate optimization.
  • Backend / High-scalability Engineers: Anyone who is interested in working at web-scale; ad-serving, big data and the likes.
  • Full/Polygot stack: Node.js, Python, AWS (Route 53, ELB, EC2, S3), C#, .NET Core, Docker, Vue.js,

In general, we are looking for someone who is inquisitive about things and curious to learn; if that describes you then please do write to me at hireme+avs {at} deltax.com

You can go over our Engineering Blog to keep track of the challenges we are working on.


Welcome to my blog.

I have been writing since 2004. This is my blog where I share a mix of personal updates, learnings for early-stage startups, high-availability, and digital marketing. Know more about me here.