I am a StartupJockey and love running, hiking & meeting interesting people. I write code and occasionally prose.I’m also the co-founder at DeltaX. At DeltaX we are building a cloud-based digital advertising platform for agencies to efficiently buy, optimize and report media across Search, Social, Display, Mobile and Video. We are at the forefront of Big Data and working on complex algorithms to complement our platform which integrates with close to 10 providers (Google Adwords, Bing Ads, Facebook, etc.) via their APIs.

Akshay is on a pursuit of making meaning through his initiatives. He works in different roles from being a code junkie to that of being the founder of  SocialSync, a social venture startup and switches between them with ease. He is working on innovative ways to raise funds for non-profits through mainstream social media at GoodCompany Ventures in Philadelphia.

He loves spending all-nighters coding and experimenting with apis, riding on rails, participating in hackathons and keeping a check on latest trends. When not programming on his MacBook he goes backpacking and frequently disappears for hikes in the Sahayadris. He was last seen taking a leap from a mountain top and soaring the skies solo in what looked like an elongated umbrella from far.

Ruby on Rails Resume / CV

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