Doing Good

Villagers we met en-route to Harishchandragad
Villagers we met en-route to Harishchandragad

Every single day reinforces my fundamental belief that people are good and they would like to exercise this inherent urge to do good without having to go out of their way. – Akky

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I am not going to leave it at this…

The past one month has been exciting to say the least. There is so much to write about that this blog post would not do justice to all of it. So as the title of this blog post suggests ‘I am not going to leave it at this…’, I will be making some follow-up posts.

To give you some clue of whats cooking I would like to share some related tags:
pinstorm, treks, salher, lohagad, varun, trekking, entrepreneurship, nirma labs, technoentrepreneurship, startup, goa, school friends, bikes, juhu, rains (did I miss anything 😉


Life is interesting,
interesting enough to keep you hooked

Life is fast,
fast enough to miss it completely

Life is alive,
alive enough to make its presence felt

Life is postitive,
positive enough to give you hope

Life is real,
real enough to take it seriously

Life is naughty,
naughty enough to play pranks

Life is smart,
smart enough to oversmart you

Life is precious,
precious enough to value it

life is cute,
cute enough to caress it

Life is mysterious,
mysterious enough to explore it

Life is Life,
LiFe enough to live for it


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