Run to Win

Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon 2009
Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon 2009

Even though I don’t run a marathon to win, on finishing I always emerge as a winner. – Akky

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I am fit, what next?

Yes, I am as fit as I ever was (well almost)! Remember of my 4 week training for the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon 2006 – 21 km and the follow-up stunts which ensured that I couldn’t continue running for months. Later, I did try getting back to running but couldn’t continue on a regular basis.

So here I am back after a good run with an improved timing from a similar previous run before.

So, what next? Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon 2009 – 42 km. Looks like the Bandra – Worli Sea link may be part of the track. Anyone game?

Paintathon = Painting Marathon

Oh! did I tell you all about the Paintathon I had taken part in? No. « wondering how could I forget of blogging about it » Shame me 😐

Remember I was in Ahmedabad in August? There I spent most of my time at Prayas’ place. Some of his paintings adorned his walls and there were others lying in his studio. We also took time out to visit School of Architecture and hang around the campus for lunch. Laxmikant had also come down for the post-production of his film. So art was the flavour of the month. I have always been curious about various forms of art because of the obvious influence of my bro. Painting on a canvas was something completely new for me and I was game for it.

A couple of days before I was supposed to leave for Mumbai, I asked Prayas if we could paint. Felt like he was all ready for it and he was just waiting for me to prompt. He hadn’t had a brush with painting for a long time now. He said lets take part in a Paintathon. “Wow Paintathon sounds cool,” I exclaimed. I was thinking, MarathonHackathon and now Paintathon. Next I remember we went out to get a some canvases and extra colors and brushes.

For the Paintathon, we reserved the morning of the day I was supposed to leave for Mumbai. You can read up on how the events unfolded at Manjushree’s blog.

Here are some of the pics:

Prayas in free flow Canvas in progress Canvas in progress Prayas paints with his left hand

Here are the finished paintings:

Canvas complete - Prayas

Window art at the Paintathon

Akshay (my):
Canvas complete - Akshay (me)

For inquiries to buy and order use the contact form. Offer till stocks last. 😉

Look at the complete album here:

Updated the links to the pictures

PavBhaji, at 3:00am?

If you know me then I am sure something like the title of this post is perfectly believable. Let me add to this by saying this is true even with Sankool.

Yesterday, we were at his place and just passing time. We went for a walk around 12:30 am and returned back in a hour’s time. We made ourselves some tea and were discussing about things to do in the near future. It was then around 3am that Sankool felt like having PavBhaji but he thought it was too late. Late because we would have to walk down to Kandivali as his bike didn’t have the requisite papers. I asked him how much time would it take to get there and he replied saying 1hour. I said lets go for it and the next moment I remember we were off to Kandivali. It was FuN walking down to Kandivali where you have a popular all nighter PavBhaji joint – Bhagwati. We reached around 4:00am and ordered 2 PavBhajis. We were really hungry by then and finished eating soon. Next up was getting back home. It took us 1:30 mins to reach back home. By then it was 6:00am and we were damn tired. We had FuN all along and it surely didnt feel like a long journey. The distance was approximately 21km and looks like it was our first practice session for the comming Mumbai marathon 😉

So, wanna come for PavBhaji at 3:00am.