Enhance GMail – Use keyboard shortcuts

I have made a switch from Yahoo to Gmail for my primary mail address in the last few months and its been a pleasant experience.

Have been using the keyboard shortcuts of Gmail now and I must say I am addicted to it. Highly recommended for anyone who loves to use the terminal or like editors like emacs and vi. I feel the shortcuts have more of a vi feel to it.

I would recommend Gmail if:

  • Volume of mail you have to respond to is huge. On Gmail alone I have had 226 mails in my sent folder in the last two months. Most of them were related to CodeCampMumbai
  • You want to receive the registration confirmation mails quickly. I have noticed that its faster on Gmail than on Yahoo.
  • Discover Archiving. Yeah, archiving is beautiful.
  • You are looking for a GTD app.(link)
  • Oops, I just figured out that I can go on and on…

Which reminds me I have to update my Contact page.

Jaagte raho ;)

I am here at the CodeCampMumbai and we are hitting our keyboards real hard at this time in the night(2:00am). It’s 8 of us here still remaining and the enthusiasm is contagious. Me and Pavan are sitting in the balcony with our laptops while Deepak, Kurund, Ankur, Fenil, Latesh and Varun are sitting inside. It’s chilly out here and you have the balmy breeze making us feel comfortable all the time. We can hear birds chirping even at this time in the night.

It feels sublime and I feel I should enjoy the moment and the code and not blog about it now 😉

‘Jaagte raho’ is hindi for ‘Keep Awake’

Announcing CodeCampMumbai on Nov 17th & 18th

[FlashBack-Cut-1] Little less than a month back Ankur and me had a couple of mail exchanges over how we should try and bring the hacker/developer community together.

[FlashBack-Cut-2] During the closing session of BarCampMumbai2 there were some participants who were not satisfied with the technical depth of the sessions at the BarCamp. I took this opportunity and quickly created a simple CodeCampMumbai page on the barcamp wiki and announced the event on the stage.

[Present-Cut-3] Thus, emerged CodeCampMumbai and a format which is heavily influenced by some popular philosophies.

Here is what we have taken from other popular manifestos/cultures:


  • By and For the Developer Community
  • No Fluff – only Code

Read more: CodeCamp Manifesto


  • Race against time (24 hours)
  • Do something cool/complex/brainy

Read more here, here and here.


  • Share and learn in a open environment
  • No Spectators. Only Participants.

Read more here.

In short:
CodeCampMumbai caters to the community of CodeCampers, bound by the culture of Hackathons and is based upon open participative and collaborative nature of BarCamps.

Date:: 17th – 18th Nov 2007
Register here:: http://barcamp.org/CodeCampMumbai
Venue:: IIT-B Mumbai
Mailing list:: http://groups.google.com/group/codecampmumbai

If you love to code and code for the love of it you ought to be present. See you there 😉