How you make me feel

Sinhagad, Maharashtra - 2010

Your thought keeps me in present,
Your thought keeps me lost.
At times I lose my sleep,
At times I find myself.

You make me feel loved,
You make me feel missed.
At times I feel apart,
At times I feel very near.

If only words could describe,
How you make me feel.
If only words could describe,
How it feels to feel complete.

You feel like a dream,
You make me feel real.
At times I don’t wanna fall asleep,
At times I don’t wanna wake up.

You make me feel high,
You make me feel low.
At times I can barely keep afloat,
At times I feel I can fly.

If only words could describe,
How you make me feel.
If only words could describe,
How it feels to feel complete.


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Yes Baby, it’s You

Sunset at Juhu Beach
Sunset at Juhu Beach

It’s been a while
a while feels like ages

Eyes have been looking
been looking for you

I knew I’d notice
I’d not miss

For I have been waiting
been waiting for this

I want to tell you
tell you how it feels

And I have no doubts
Yes Baby, it’s You


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I want to fly

Solo flights - Paragliding at Kamshet Oct'08 (Photo Courtesy: Rajsekhar Aich)
Solo flights - Paragliding at Kamshet Oct'08 (Photo Courtesy: Rajsekhar Aich)

Light on my feet,
I am ready to fly
Not born with wings,
But I have the zest to try

I am not afraid to fail,
I am not shy
I belive in me and
I m the one who wants to fly


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P.S: Re-phrasing the moments while I was preparing for my first solo flight 🙂

Update: Kunal sent me this video of my first flight. Yaaay!

Parody of a Moment

Baby V & Akky
Baby V & Akky

For a moment,
I was lost in another moment.

In that moment,
I lived a thousand moments.

The next moment,
I was back in the moment.

Now for a moment,
I again wanted to get lost in that moment.

Alas, I had found that moment,
Now how could I again get lost in that moment?


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500 days of summer

You cant describe great cosmic significance to a simple earthly event. Coincidence, thats all anything ever is, nothing more than coincidence. There are no miracles. There is no such thing as fate. Nothing is meant to be.

500 days of summer
500 days of summer

These were the last few lines from the movie 500 days of summer which I just happened to watch (yes, for a change and after long). I think this is a particularly refreshing take on how one could interpret the events in one’s life. I for all this time was closer to the notion that there is a reason for what’s happening around you and in particular with you. This meant I could still remember that first glance, that first phone call, that first conversation and so many more firsts that even today I would be ready to believe there ought to be a reason for it happening with me. But for all I know it could have just been coincidence. I know it takes away the fairy tale story line out of the plot but now I think it could well be true but my heart still doesn’t want me to believe it.

Interesting work or make work interesting – what works better?

Having spent the last 3 years working with startups either contributing as a part of a team or  founding one, I can categorically state that there are many dull and not so interesting tasks that need to get done. This is against the accepted notion that working with startups is all about doing interesting kick-ass work.

Fish! A remarkable way to boost morale and Improve ResultsOver the last two years I have grown from thinking of doing only interesting work to making work more interesting. Although, there is a subtle difference in the wording the latter is more powerful and puts you in control. You reserve the opportunity to choose your own attitude towards your work and thats what works the best.

Recently, reading “Fish! A Remarkable Way to Boost Morale and Improve Results” reinforced this thought process for me. The book is a parable which draws from the success story of the Pike Place Fish Market in making their work more interesting.

Take a look at how the workers have fun at the fish market throwing fish around and bystanders cheering them all the way:

What makes me write this?

One reason was I just finished reading the book a couple of weeks back but its not the only reason. Three days back I was discussing about work with a friend of mine, lets call him PS. PS has completed his MS this summer and now has joined the technology wing of an investment company. With an year of prior experience in a IT company and completion of his MS I thought the company that recruits him would have a specific role for him and he could start contributing directly. This wasn’t to be true and took me by surprise. He would be undergoing a 3 month training program on C, Unix, Java and other technologies and would be inducted by one of the projects in the company. I was stupid enough to ask him, “You still don’t know the work or project that you will be assigned to, how do you feel about it?” He said, “I am sure I would love the work that I will be assigned to!

Till Eternity’s End

Lake Raleigh - (click to see the bigger version)
Lake Raleigh - (click to see the bigger version)

Trails could reach places
But the road couldn’t

Woods were dark and motionless
But the birds weren’t

Ripples travelled far and wide
But the water didn’t

Time passed and skipped beats
But the moments didn’t

Life will take a turn and shall try to move on
But thankfully the memories won’t


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Web Applications – a roller coaster ride

Today, I shall be conducting a session on ‘Web Applications’ for faculty from various colleges attending the Short Term Traning Program on Web Engineering at Don Bosco. I have been told that there would be close to 45 faculty members and I am really excited. Primarily because I have always found faculty members to be more curious and eager to learn than students. I had also received some very good response and feedback the last time.

Embedded is the presentation I have made for the session. Feel free to comment and leave your feedback (…although it would make little sense without commentary from *yours truly* 😉