Web Applications – a roller coaster ride

Today, I shall be conducting a session on ‘Web Applications’ for faculty from various colleges attending the Short Term Traning Program on Web Engineering at Don Bosco. I have been told that there would be close to 45 faculty members and I am really excited. Primarily because I have always found faculty members to be more curious and eager to learn than students. I had also received some very good response and feedback the last time.

Embedded is the presentation I have made for the session. Feel free to comment and leave your feedback (…although it would make little sense without commentary from *yours truly* 😉

6 Replies to “Web Applications – a roller coaster ride”

  1. Nice presentation – Great job !

    Just wondering why there was no mention of wiki software ?

    keep up the good work!

      1. Nilesh, you are right; this presentation is made in Keynote. You can try downloading this presentation as PPT and see if you can reuse the theme. Although, I haven’t tried that before.

        The font is ‘Gill Sans’ regular; its narrower than Helvetica.

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