Till Eternity’s End

Lake Raleigh - (click to see the bigger version)
Lake Raleigh - (click to see the bigger version)

Trails could reach places
But the road couldn’t

Woods were dark and motionless
But the birds weren’t

Ripples travelled far and wide
But the water didn’t

Time passed and skipped beats
But the moments didn’t

Life will take a turn and shall try to move on
But thankfully the memories won’t


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5 Replies to “Till Eternity’s End”

  1. hey you write as well? i mean the lines above not general writing!
    Good. watat nahi tujhya kade baghun ki tu lihitos pan…

    1. Prajakta, thanks for visiting my blog. To make a mention, you were an integral part of the good memories I mentioned in my earlier comment to Astrid. Really enjoyed your company. I am sure if it wasn’t for the early morning flying we were supposed to be ready for; we could have continued our discussion under the moonlight flanked by the lake on one side and trees on the other long after 2am throughout the night (without the ghost stories off-course)

      P.S: On second thoughts, I am wondering was your comment a compliment or not?

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