Celebrating close to 14th years of Independence

We will not go quietly into the night. We will not vanish without a fight.

We are going to live on. We are going to survive.

Today we celebrate our Independence Day!

Remember watching this movie with my brother on the big screen close to 14 years back and this for me as rightly put is the setting for a true Independence Day – when the world would come together as one and fight evil as one!

P.S: If you haven’t watched the video before – go watch now!

3 Replies to “Celebrating close to 14th years of Independence”

  1. Long time….I too remember watching this movie in the theater.This and one other scene in which Jeff Goldblum asks a soldier to shoot a soda can after he thinks he was successful in disabling the protective shield from the alien spaceship are among my all time favorite ! …

  2. And for those who seek to advance their aims by inducing terror and slaughtering innocents, we say to you now that,”Our spirit is stronger and cannot be broken. You cannot outlast us, and we will defeat you.”
    -Barack Obama, Inaugural speech

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