SaMe oLd StOrY

SaMe oLd StOrY – xamz in a few days and me in a crunch situation

Are exams a
total waste?
Like I say
not my taste.

Why the hell
do I not learn?

Why do I wait
for the last junction?
Waiting for some
divine intervention

May be because
all I want are the marks.
Just to try
and escape those scars.


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3 Replies to “SaMe oLd StOrY”

  1. Haha… so very true. We are all the same. I know “nothing” yet. So I better get back to stydying. Nice poem!!

  2. hey Sandy,

    not sure hw many u mst hav scored in ur vivas[] wid this ans bt here u scored 24/25

    thnks for droppin by !

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