MiSSiNg cOLLeGe…

Yup, now I do miss my college a lot… !

Few things tat I miss:

Going late and checking out the reactions of each and everyone (starting from my mom in the morning… to watchman, frnds, profs… wow now tats wat i call pleasure)

Playing………..yup all this sem we(… not me mch as I had a *smaLL* incident with my leg… ) have been playing cricket, badminton,…. and one could find everyone there, even ppl u wud guess dnt knw anything of outdoor games.

Giving seminars, wrkshps……..oh yah there wud be atleast some activity put up once in every two weeks which wud be fun and interactive.

Sitting in the library after college (… didnt do this mch as the college session wud end before noon… :d)…. oh ya even this is a FuN pass time

Sitting in the e-lab on the DUCS m/c’s (esp. Launchpad < tats the name of a m/c) and having FuN Havent taken case of anyone now for weeks together which is a really bad signals…. as it would mean I wud be geting on with this thing really seriously whn i join college (hope this is taken as a warning (chetavani and not a dhamaki))

Its alawayz interesting interacting with Profs. and considering its the last sem. i surely wud miss them aLL

How can I forget all my frnds……. c’on I reallly miss all of you….oh yah really… kasam se. i hope even you do! Plz do giv miss calls atleast….?

Finally I miss my coLLege…. I luv DBIT (… and tats not bcoz its my final year)!

So DBIT i wud be comming soon… 😉