my BLOG is closing down

Plz dnt ask me Y? AND it is not bcoz of any recent *EVENTS*

I have decided…. once and for aLL….!

I am closing down this blog NOW !

I just dont understand why did I share my existence with YOU (read as VIRTUAL WORLD)

I am REAL and I guess I should act REAL.

so here I close this DOWN.

BTW: I still have as a formality working.

Finally, I cant gainsay that I didn’t enjoy the journey.


4 Replies to “my BLOG is closing down”

  1. OyE….!

    I guess …….mujhe ullu banaya…!

    Aaajka generation bada hi smart ho gaya hai….!

    Wishing Happy April Fools day to ME

  2. *holds mike at 140 degrees*

    ooooooooooo oo oo oo oooh
    Ullu banayaaaa,
    Ullu banayaaaa,
    Ullu banayaaa aapne…

    Heh. Enjoy!

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