HoLi hai !!!

Yup, HoLi hai !

When i was *small* HoLi for me started weeks before the actual day. Baloons were the IN thing then and we used to be split up in tolis with lots of ammunition (water guns, baloons, etc. ). Then later came the days of plastic bags … yah even those were coOL esp the 1-2ltrs once. I even remember the India-Pakistan fights (between our building and the adjacent one… each wud consider their building being India offcourse). How can I also forget digging the hole for burning holi and gather around it till it abates.

I also remember the entusiasm of RaNgPaNcHaMi in our building… the colors, the pulling, the scramblings, the small fights, the drags in muddy waters, eggs too, sliver paints, songs (yah songs too), davats,.. i can go on and on and on. Those were the oLd days… good oLd days 😉

Now HoLi for me is this > http://flickr.com/photos/ak47surve/tags/holi

puranpoli.. pluffing like an air bag

puranpoli malai marke
katachi aamti and rice

its FuN and Yummmmmmmy (…and thnks for this to my cute Mummmmmmmmy)

I m surely missing the RaNgPaNcHaMi… and jst raring to be *small* again.

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