ReSuLtS r OuT

Yup, they are out ..sorry I am late bt then results didnt excite me this time… not sure why.. bt *may be* its bcoz of GRE

Scored 68%

For the record… I could have done better… mch better (ask me how? LoL… obviously by studying more).. which I will bt next time.

Hey, feel like thanking my BIG BOSS (cousin brother Sushil) who helped me get there… wud have been very difficult without him.

Special thnks to Shweta… even she has a share in this 68% which I scored (and her 65% in which I have a share too :p)

(BTW they dnt read my blogs.. :()

[-end of Acceptance speech-]

Feels like writing a lot on Enginering Examz and Marks … bt for the time being I keep it to myself till I am out of it.

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