IDeas’05 meet2

Yup, I knw it been a year now so wat… bt we (not many though… ) iDeas’05 gang just decided to hang arnd after the iNNovate’06 valedictory function and had a hell of a time. Oki the list goes like this…. me, digant, siddhesh, barkha, pallavi, nikita, nirupama and jalpa…. eight of us. Once the iNNovate’06 Valedictory function was over we did happen to loiter around for sometime… till then I had no clue tat we were going out together. I guess it was siddesh who called in and then it was decided on the fly. OKI so we decided to meet him at Santacruz (east) in a few mins (now u mst knw tat few mins here mean arnd a hour… so it wud be really difficult time for siddesh to wait for us)

Now to cut short the wonderful time we spent… jst writing down some random thoguhts…. in chronological order:

Never knew identifying wher the bus is heading is so tough…. esp for nirupama…nikita.. and pallavi. [they were confused bcoz the bus wud enter Kalina campus… frm the same side of the road… now dnt all vehicles follow the left hand side drive rule] Finally we had to go at the bus stop outside the campus to avoid any confusion.

Barkha can patao rickshawallas to take in 4… bt then we dropped this idea.

How it feels to let go empty double deckers in wait for someone… digant who fianlly called and said that we mak a move as he had some other wrk to do.

At the Santacruz station, I happened to spot siddesh early and going by my devilish instincts… I slowed my pace and let everyone go ahead of me, while I went straight towards siddesh.. I let others go and search for him near the ticket counter. Then I asked siddesh to call them and say that as they were late hes already left!…. Yup tat was a good one :p

Surprisingly even Digant happened to come to Santacruz station at the same time and so we all moved to Gokul (Santacruz – west)

Pallavi was feeling hungry the most and so was the most noisy one arnd,….! I stil remember her shouting at the waiter…. Paani toh chaiyeh hi na, theater hai kya ! , whn the waiter aasked her, Paani laaoon kya?.

So we ordered for… pav bhaji, masala pav, sandwhich and grilled sandwhich.

Nikitas pav bhaji was the fist to come and …… so was the first to be finished. Everyone helped her… :p

Now, barkha happend to drop pieces of the grill sandwhich on her dress most of the time … so pallavi did share a few tips on how to eat the sandwhich.. :d. So, after the tips barkha did pretty well by not letting the pieces fall on her dress bt managed to catch it on the tissue.

wOw it ended with a iCe-cReaMs … my fav tender coconut !!!!

wOw… wOw… wOw… finally one come to knw tat it was a treat…… LoL. Yes it was a treat from UMIT (mst be bcz they won the Best CSI Student Chapter… bt then was the reason tat imp :d)

So, a few more memorable moments from the iDeas’05 gang. Hope we meet again soon. You can even read wht Barkha has to say abt this… here

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  1. Muaahahaha.

    And what bout the number of tissues that were wasted, collectively? (Although I think I had the biggest share in it)

    And Niru denying chocolate chip ice creams?!
    (shock of the day for me)

    Digant _actually_ was almost on time. (uska bas main aaya, abhi 5 min mein aaya! is something not everyone can forget )

    Heh. Those were the good days…

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