tHe GaMe CoNtInUeS…

If you feel I would go all out on 1st then its not true. I can go all out on any damn day… wont miss any opportunity to play pranks… hahahah !

Was sitting in SP pracs after a month or so… though I m not behind anyone considereing the number of programs others have done. Sampada had put my proxy the last time when I had been to Fr. Agnels. Datta is our prof who handles our pracs and is the one who always boasts a dead pan like face [no expressions nothing at all]. I m afraid of these kinda ppl bcoz u never know whats on their mind. By the end of the prac Datta noticd that my sign was on the attendance bt not on the register which is maintained.. He summoned me and asked the reason why my name was not on the register. I bluntly [these days I am shameless when it comes to getting attendance] said I have no knwoledge of all this. The other twist was that even Manav had signed and even he had come wid me to Agnels.. and even he was caught. Prajakta who was sitting beside me also raised voice in my favour and said that I was present for the last pracs and we had completed this program which we had shown sometime back. Though as always we cudnt figure wat was goning on in his mind and we continued our programming. The fun strtd laterrrr……..

1st Bakra [Sampada]
After the pracs got over I was still sitting at the terminal and programming [jst to show that I am sincere]. Later Dataa said that he had to close the pracs room.. and asked me to save watever I had done. It was then that I thoguht about this…
I went up to the classroom and made a real tense face though smiling [everyone knws that I have this habbit of smiling even under pressure] and informed Sampada tat Datta has caught the proxy and that I had to tell him that she was the one who had signed for me ! Though at first she couldnt believe it but in no time I managed to convince her. Unknoingly prjakta helpd me in doing so as she had spread this news of Datta questioning me abt this everywhere and that noe everyone in class was getting involved. The next thing I remeber is that me and Sampada were discussing wat we had to say and all before goin in the SP lab which was noe closed …. U mst hav seen how tense she was.

2nd Bakra [Prajakta]
Now on our way back …. Sampada had a lot to say about this prank bt I had alredy started thinkin of a new one. Now Prajakta was on the cards. Sampada agreed to be party to this bcoz may be she wantd some company… lol .
I asked Samapad to go to class and get Prajakta down as Datta was calling her bcoz she had lied to him that Akshay was present for the last weeks pracs. I was standing there outside the closed door of the lab which was closed and no one coule make out this from far. As Prajakta and Sampada were approaching the door I ran towards them and tld them that Daatta is angry and better not go in front of him. I could see the tension on Prajaktas face already. Then again we discussed this strategy jst to make sure that we all giv the same reasons for all this. After creating enough tension we split the beans jst before entering the closed lab.

So had my fair dose of pranks on everyone this time… LoL


Would be going to my native place on Sunday and then returning back on Monday night. Lots of work to be done there and then again college on Tuesday which I may bunk bcoz I havent touched my journals for the past two weeks and no point in facing the profs without the expreiments.