mY NaTiVe pLaCe

We had hired a car to go to Mangaon my native place [near Raigad]. We were seven of us [me, mama, pappa, kaka, kaki, atya and vishal(cousin who has jst given his tenth)]. The journey started late and this time it was not bcoz of me bt the driver.
The road was enjoyable after Panvel though there was not a lot of greenery around.
Reached our destination by noon. Had a lot of cleaning work to do bt left it to the ladies… lol.

Our house is big considering the no of rooms and their size. The best thing about it is the greenery that surrounds it. You can find most of the popular varieties of fruits here… namely coconut,bananas,kajus,Mangoes, pineapples, jackfruits,gauvas,tamarind,amla and few more bcoz i m sure i mst have missed some. All credit to my Grandpa whom we used to call Anna[the visualizer] and Grandma[the supporter] who are no more and I must say we all love them and that I can still feel their presence and guiding force behind us. They used to live here till last year and had developed this place looked after it… one reason being that we (all Mumbaites) could come during vacation and spend time here.

Had a lot of fun there which I always do.. and more so bcoz of Vishal who had jst finishd his tenth and was eager to njoy every bit of this experience. Tried my hand at climbing like I always do and also had some bruises here adn there. Helped Vishal climb for a chng bcoz hes not more into brking the norms set by his mother.

Spent some time alone thinking about how I could do my bit in maintaing this beautiful place and after a few years develop it. I still remeber when I had been here last time [2 yrs back] had spent a lot of time with Grandpa to knw what his plans were. Wanna do a lot for this place. Have so many fond memories associated with it which makes me senti whn I think of it.


I will do my best to maintain and develop it !

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  1. hai…,, my childhood life in many places. i born in kerala and studied up 2 nd class in gujarath. Like all over india i studied many places. Still i am studying in IIIT in Andhrapradesh.because my father is in army.So my childhood life is pass on many places

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