yA rIgHt pLz bEaWaRe… [ 1st April ]

Like always 31st March is a day to plan the strategy. This time was no different and I did well. Had a couple of plans in place.

1st Bakra:
As always the first prank was on Shwetha. Not sure how I am able to convince her each time [twice in a row]. Again I gave her a call and told her that I would be coming to her college for some CSI work [gr8 excuse] and would meet her.
{ Got the review of the prank by night. She had come to my place the same night and had a lot to say about the prank. She was even trickd by some of her frnds tat I was waiting down at the gate … lol }

2nd Bakra:
Tried something new on Rina mam and Kevin Sir. I told them that I had made a template for the DBIT website and which was well appreciated by Principal and Father ….. lol and gave them this address for the preview http://akshay.reallyrules.com/dbit_new/

3rd Bakra:
I hadnt been to college on 31 and Prajakta bechari had submitted my examination form of 6th sem. Today I called her and told her that Kirti [xamination inchrg] had called me and ask me the reason why hadnt I submitted the form still. I tried to convince her that my form has got misplaced. Didnt spill the beans yet.

4th Bakra:
Had created a goood backdrop of me comming to UMIT for CSI wrk [GOD knws how many places I can be on 1st]. Hey but couldnt follow it up because was busy during the break.

So everyone just beaware when its 1st April and I m around…

…the Game Ends.