finally ……… Mandrake is BaCk

After 3 years … Mandrake is back on my computer. Feels great because it was the first distro that I used. I loved it then and I m sure that I will love it even now. Hope I get the Internet started fast because then it will be all the more enjoyable. Hope mandrake 10.1. stays on my computer for a long time.

Didnt do much of anything today. Wil have to start writing assignments and journal sincerely because of the bet with Sampada ( and i dont wanna loose )

Wouldnt be tough to finish all the journal wrk and assignments.

Tommorow being Monday will have to live upto all the decisions I have made in the course of last week.

rest is fine

take care

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  1. Oh, so that is why (assignements and journals) you are in college for a long time these days. Hope you finish them soon.

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