tHiS wAs bOuNd To HaPpeN oNcE

After a series of wins …….. finally i didnt win this time.

Ya after winning at UMIT, IEE360, NCST and IDeas’05 (this sem)… I finallly didnt win. I m continuously sayin that I dint win and not that I lost ( bcoz I didnt loose in this competition.. I simply didnt win)

Things that will be with me after this experience:

1> Loosing is part of the game when you participate ( i did tend to forget this )

2> Good that I lost today bcoz of improper judging ( atleast i m of that opinion and also my fellow competitors were of the same opinion) and not bcoz i lost my touch. Actually today I was the best with my banner as always. I loved making it and I guess thats wat counts.

3> I was all the more disappointed when the results were declared bcoz I had not won and I had also missed my CG unit test for this competition. So frm now onwards no missing tests for any competitions.

4> Don’t miss an opportunity of visiting UMIT (……… lol …….. I didnt write abt this UMIT ka kissa here ever before. Will wirte abt it if something substantial happens. )

5> Everything is VESIT suckz …….except the prize money. I will be back next time for the prize money :d.

6> Good to not win once in a while ……. it doesnt build the presurre of having an unbeaten record. Feeling a little relieved now of the record.