CResCEndo — a good end to this season

Ya.. ya.. ya… I won at CResCEndo (19th March)! [actually Manav was also wid me bt he was there only to get a feel of things and jst 2 see by his eyes wat i xactly do in a webD competition.]

It was a nice experience winning at Fr. Agnels tech fest CResCEndo after da forgetfull xP of VESIT. The best thing at Agnels was that they had this competition in the Mac lab which had e-Macs everywhere. For others it must be something new … bt for me it was fine. Had used eMac at college before [thnks to Kevin sir and Rina mam]. Also met Nishant and loads of others who knew abt me thru Nishant. Feels gr8.

I guess this was the last competition of the season [sem]. Thnks to UMIT (sud thnk them for few other things also), IEEE360, NCST, IDeas’05 and CResCEndo now I can buy a cell on my own. I always wanted to buy my own cell otherwise jst wait till such a day comes šŸ™‚

Today I had been to Vartak college for their tech fest Touchstone. Had been there to meet Aseem, Srikanth and party and also to participate in s/w shocase event[which was secondary]. Was late as always bt the event strtd even late.

Sandy & Pascal were there to my surprise. Seeing them my chances of winning had already vanished. Firstly bcoz I had brought CRMProbe only bcoz of the prize money factor and not bcoz i m proud of it. Actually even i dont knw now why I m not proud of it. Its really gr8 bt open source thoughts have taken over. [good in some aspects I m moving over from VB and also that I dnt use .NET for my final year proj. tat wud be a nightmare]. Finally i came a close fourth … hhaaha there were jst 5 entries. lol. Though all who won [
Dhruv,Pascal,Sandy] were gr8. No regrets at all.

Also participated in C Programming … did live upto my reputation of being good at C Programming and not the best :d.

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  1. gr8…………so finally u r planning to take a cell……..actually u really needed one!

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