Math.AI using Personality Insights service from IBM Watson

How it all started – Xhacknight Hackathon

Me and Amrith spontaneously decided to make it to the Xhacknight organized by XHackers and sponsored by IBM Bluemix. It turned out to be an amazing learning experience.

What we built – Match.AI

1. Reviews are everywhere
With the boom in user generated content (UCG) – reviews are everywhere. Be it the kind of product you are buying, restaurant you want to eat out or places you want to stay at. Each of us do scout through reviews for respective opinions before making a decision.

2. Sadly – Online reviews are broken!
Each person’s likings and preferences are different. None of the UCG sites allow users to take into consideration the person’s personality match to that of the reviewers.

3. PersonalityMatch Index (PMI)
Using Personality Insights service from IBM Watson we were able to capture the personality profile of a user. On top of this, we built a PMI algorithm to match two different personality profiles. Using IBM Bluemix we were able to deploy this service using Node.js and expose it through REST endpoints (/map and /match)

4. Xamarin – Demo Reviews Mobile App
We also built a barebones Xamarin mobile app for iOS and Android while allow users to login through Facebook Connect, build a user personality profile using his Facebook data and then finally use the REST end-points to show a PMI rating along with the reviews.

5. Use-cases through API
The Match.AI PersonalityMatch Index REST API we built was generic and could be used for quite a few use cases:
– User Review Personalization
– Dating App Recommendations
– Resume Classification

Reference Links

API service:
Xamarin app:

Presentation after Hackathon