Today, I had been to my alma mater (read Don Bosco Institute of Technology) to conduct an introductory seminar on DSpace – A digital repostitory system and its prospects as a part of the CRAVE initiative.

It was intersting bcoz:

– always feels gr8 to be back in college.

– interesting to address an entusiastic batch of students eager to know more.
Just a little about DSpace and why DSpace:

– For a quick example to which everyone can relate to, consider the final year theses the college produces at the end of each year. Is there a way students can surf through all the previous works? How about the research papers, publications etc. the students and professors attempt to write. Most of them are lost. A digital repository will enable the institution to manage its intellectual property. To read more about  DSpace try www.dspace.org
– Personally I would like to get my college name here > DSpace Instances Worldwide

– More about the seminar and various topics discussed on the CRAVE wiki [not updated yet]

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  1. really nice lecture..opps!!i mean seminar..
    ok jokes apart…it was really nice all that u told us..looking forward
    to ur nxt semiinar..

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