My iNjUrEd left leg

There has been a lot of speculation about my leg injury and i need to clear the air around it due to a special request and also bcoz feel like broadcasting my foolishness. Let me also add that its not because of the marathon run!

Once upon a time we lived in a 700 sq. ft apartment. They were the good old days of glass windows, no sliding doors. Then came a decision of all flat owners to extend two rooms for some additional space . Now, everything went well but extending our hall exposed a beam which hangs at around 6.5 ft high. I know this doesn’t sound so bad but then what one does with the resources at hand is very important. I feel like practicing a high flying kicks with it. No! its not a stress buster or anger management trick but I take it as a dare. I like to do it just to ensure I m in good shape. Now this was after i had recoverd from the marathon and I wantd to just chk whether I was back in shape.

So here I was, taking a initial start and deciding to give my 100%, I jumped in air and stretched my left leg as high as i could to reach my goal which I did. But on the way up I heard a loud click sound which had something really peculiar about it. Before I have heard so many click sounds, I knew something had gone wrong. I was a little disappointed that i missed my mark but then it was dinner time and I forgot about it and had my dinner and slept. Got up early in the morning because of a pulsating pain in my left ankle. Thats it!!!

Couldn’t attend college for the next 3 days on account of the pain during the cult-techfest. On wednesday things were so bad that I was at the bus stop in Santacruz (where i catch the bus to my college) and had to go to a chemist and ask him for a pain killer. Did attend the next two days of college with pain killers offcourse.

Sad, couldn’t attend the Annuals because the Doc told me pain killers is not the way its gonna get alright… give it rest… so here i m writing this post, giving it rest and wearing a ankle support.

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  1. so finally after many many days i got a chance to irritate U….and how cud i miss this opportunity today….lol…..well…..just keep playing badminton everyday…..u will recover faster…..and when u feel u r fine just jump and kick the beam to check whether u r back in shape!!!

  2. @sampada: u missed including football! i did try it a couple of days back and found that healing would take a lil bit longer now.

    @vinod: hm… yah even i feel so now…esp. after everyones reaction to it!

    @barkha: good way of looking at it… :p

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