EnTeRiNg tHe MoNKeY WoRLd

Finally I did pay a visit to Monkeyworld(read Greasemonkey) after enough speculation.

It didn’t take time for me to write M$Killer after going through a few examples on diveintogreasemonkey.org

Intructions for use:

  1. Get Firefox.
  2. Install Greasemonkey. (Restart Firefox)
  3. Open M$Killer script in the browser.
  4. Choose Tools-> Install this User Script
  5. Tat’s it!

To test the script Search Microsoft on Google

For the uninterested what this script does is simple… replaces the text ‘Microsoft’ with ‘M$’ in the browser window. It is for people having a problem with the name ‘Microsoft’. Surprisingly, I am not one of them!

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