ReSoLuTiOnS for 2006

I believe one doesnt have to wait for 1st Jan to make resolutions, any time is just appropriate as long as you stick to them. Though I feel making resolutions on the 1st is always simpler. Feels like leaving behind everything you did and starting afresh. I knw a lot of people do avoid making resolutions not because they don’t have any but jst because they(even me) can’t stick to them. The only thing I want them(and even me) to knw is:

There is no harm in making a conscience effort towards your goal, unless you don’t want to achieve it.


So here is my list:

  • NOT to remain invisible on messenger anymore. (LoL, i knw being invisible was annoying to quite a few(i guess aLL) ppl. Sorry for the same.)

[Will update this soON, also not mentioning the personal ones!]

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