fLaShBaCk>> 2005


IDeas’05 memories
nO i AiNt bUsY nOw!
tHiS wAs bOuNd To HaPpeN oNcE (loss in webD)
finally ……… Mandrake is BaCk
CResCEndo — a good end to this season
finally… someone did post a comment !
hApPy HoLi
i M iN dEsPrAtE nEeD oF hELp (poetry)

ideas, ideas and more ideas… yup iDeas05 jst rockd for me… still can’t get it out of my head!


yA rIgHt pLz bEaWaRe… [ 1st April ]
tHe GaMe CoNtInUeS…
mY NaTiVe pLaCe
iMpOrTaNcE oF 40
LuCkY – no time for studies [my luckiest day]
15 XpErIMeNtS in 5 hOuRs.
iT’s mY BiRtHdAy !!!
BiRtHdAy rEMiNdErS
FiRsT rECiPe oN <>
xAmS fRoM tOmM

played all sorts of pranks on april foOLs day and continued playing for another couple of days. month ended with boring submissions…


ViVaS So fAr
ViVa RhYmE
dA DaTeS ArE OuT
Do you attract the opposite sex???
for PPL who are born in APRIL
SaMe oLd StOrY
bE a SmArT FiNiShEr
iTs 28 May, 2005
a GoOd sTaRt
ShEs HoooOOOTTTTTtttttt !!!!!!!!!

somethin i jst LUV… ViVas !!! couldn’t get my eyes off Amrita Thapar… LoL. though me not thinking of her anymore.


yEh kYa Ho RaHa Hai
i LuV ChAtANi bt NoT PaTaNi
eVeNtFulL wEeK
WeLL , patni gOt LuCkY i gUeSs !
cAmPuS PlAcEmEnT @ DBIT for Patni

got placed… hippiee!!! cheers!!! (<< for ppl who feel i m fortunate... for others (including ME) theres still good news abt to come)


my rEsULTs R oUt. gOt 65%
LiFe is jSt gEtTiNg mOrEe bOrInGg

results OUT… nothing more to rejoice. 26/7 happens. Jst cant forget abt 26/7… i bet no one can. its not jst 26/7 bt the whole week which was not jst a learning experience… but a life changing experience.


Hats off to Spirit of Mumbai!
hApPy iNdEpEnDeNcE DaY
i LiKe…
sHrEe gAnEsHaYaa nAmaAhAa…
MaMmU mst now have reached US

jst tried to sum-up things ‘i LiKe’ bt fell short of words… will try and complete it sometime. my only sister mamta left for US.


LoRi in GuJuRaTi ….!
hey its been long since my last update !!!
TrEk to Mahuli

Oye! another TrEk… with Amit and Manav to paradise.


Kshana – Moments of Celebrityhood
|| Shree Ganeshay Namah ||
I m …
am i wrong…
Placement Activity
NeW LoOK… Hows iT ?

did experience first hand how celebrities would feel whn their fans go crazy!!! SchooL_Friends jst started buzzing with mails from everyone immedialtely after a wake-up call from Akshata. Did indulge in writing some very depressing black thoughful rhymes…LoL (well not as bad as i put it)


SoMeThInGs… sPeCiAL. about DiWaLi moORNing
iTZz SMS tiMe !
ViVaS So diFFeReNt yEt sO SoMiLaR
SaMpLe sAys…
pLaNs… pLaNs and more pLaNs
Qikblogger is launched !!!
CoUnTdOwN already started…
pLz dRaW a LiNe…
cAn U SpOt tHe DiFfErEnCe
CoUnTdOwN continues…
CoUnTdOwN still continues…
a DaNgErOuS GaMe iS aBoUt tO BeGiN…
Intelligent Systems

Diwali…preparatory leave… vivas… countdown to the xamz. hey i m 6ft. now LoL DiD U SpOt tHe DiFfErEnCe??? Qikblogger is launched… now this is news.


Advanced Miroprocessor
MaStEr bLaStEr…!!!
aLLAaaHH HoOooh aKbAr aLLAaaHH ….
Digital Signal Processing
Mobile Computing
Software Engineering
MuMbAi oN ThE RuN
TrEk to Mahuli again
ScHoOL_FrIeNdS just get CoNnEcTeD
TrEk ki YaAdEiN DoStOnKi zUbAaNi…
fLaShBaCk>> 2005

all those xamz… sachin’s 35th test ton… preparing for Mumbai Marathon 2006… aWeSoMe trek to Mahuli with SchooL_Friends… so so wonderful to get in touch with school friends again.

So wattasay?? Wasn’t 2005 mEmOrAbLe!!! It sure was and thnks to my blog I could relive those moments once again jst reading thru the posts.

Just reminds me of the scene in Bluffmaster when Boman Irani questions Roy(Abhi) [though cant recollect it completely but bhavanaonko samjho]: Tumhe kya kya yaad hai… voh tumhara pehla suit… pehli ghadi… har voh choti choti baat jo tumhare dil ko chu gayi… kya tumhe yaad hai”. For me this question would be pretty simple to answer… LoL well aLmOsT!