i DiD iT

Oh…yaah I must say its been a very good start to the new year. Saying this because finally I did play for my class football team as a goalkeeper. I played with the likes of Adolph (our captain, stopper and a brusque at heart), Melvin (ace defender), Bosco (defender and a show-off purist…;-), Biju (strong kicker), Steve (ace shooter) Darryl (stinger) and Ravi (our striker with a Golden leg… atleast i feel so but the records say a different story altogether).

I did hav to mak a statement in the game… I am far better than Revin and Ryan previous year goal-keepers but nothing was more important than winnning the game for my team. All I wanted to do was not to let the ball anywere closer to the goal.

The game began with the goal in first 2 seconds… yup guys 2 secs or may be lesser. Biju kicked the ball from the center starting position right into the goal of the opponent team. Just imagine the faces of the opponents and the people watching the game… esp the goal-keeper.

The rest of the game was full of excitement as the opponents continuously trying to equalize. I did make quite a few daring saves and one super-save which everyone appreciated even the audience. Finally, the opponents equalized with two minutes for the whistle from a continuous second attempt at the goal and me making a full dive to my left but to no avail. We lost in the penalty shoot-outs later.

I m sure the marks of the dive would remain with me for a couple of weeks now and these memories forever…