CoLLeGe pUkAaR RaHa hAi

My college re-opend on 2nd January but I m stil not convinced about this. I need someone to convince me it did and I better attend college. Also it’s not that I m not making any efforts to rejoin college after my vacations. I did make two short appearances in college but both just made me realize the fact that I am going to waste my time attending college. I don’t find it worth travelling all the way to college. To top it all we have got half-days for the first two weeks. I would for sure love to do some creative work here at home but even that is far from what I land up doing. Decided to attend college tommorrow but it would be more for the website of the upcomming college fest Collosseum ’06 rather than the lectures. My first appearance in college(after the lectures got over) did work out well as I designed the logo for Colosseum ’06 (will show it to you all too… soon). Everyone seemed to love it. Principal and Father Marion appreciated it too with a speacial mention of the concept I managed to portray. Hpe tommorrow is a good day too. Amen.

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  1. it shud have been a good day for u i guess considering u met and spent time with ur frnds after a loOng time(one week)……i hope this matters to U (if not much at least a bit)…..and then of course comes the creative work(for which U had actually been to college)… i think attending coll today was worth(and not a waste)……its right that attending coll nowadays is a mere waste but ppl(like me) r present for attendance……..but lucky U that u dont have to worry abt it when we have profs like amiya sir and rina mam(ur personal favourite)…..ok stopping here,speaking too much these days!…….hope u have a FRUITFUL time whenever u come to coll this sem!!!

  2. “My college re-opend on 2nd January but I m stil not convinced about this. I need someone to convince me
    1.It did and
    2.I better attend college.”

    LoL. The one who convinces others needs someone to convince him today.

    Convincement that “College has started”:-

    Lecture Timings:-9:00AM to 1:15PM(Monday to Thursday)

    Bonus:-A break for 15 min(11:00 AM to 11:15AM)

    Double Bonus:-Elective slot from 12:15PM to 1:15 is free(Due to latency in commencement of elective lectures coz of faculty shortage and also students making it too late to select electives)
    **Note:-This double bonus offer is valid upto 12-01-2006 only.

    Friday:-Project Day(Not much required for Research projects OR so called “Khayali Pulav”)

    Triple Bonus:-Amiya Tripathi(“Khayali Pulav” Guide) + Reena Shah(Entertainment Bonanza).

    Convincement that “U Better Attend College”:-

    Sorry.Cant make attempts towards unreachable goals(That too after the above enchanting convincement).

    Important Disclaimer:-Need to wait for next week college schedule for 2nd convincement.LoL.

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