MaStEr bLaStEr…!!!

Jst another record… nothing GR8 ( i have my DSP exams on the 18th 13th of this month and our DSP mam would keep on using these words ‘Nothing GR8’ for anything… and I mean anything at aLL lik… some formula, method or an event … hm everything. Though I must mention that she taught us pretty well. This doesnt mean that I am well prepared bt jst tat only I wud be to be blamed if things go wrong. She did her job well. I must also add that while she regularly conducted our lectures she was pregnant… now isnt tat GR8??? Just wishing her Luck and Safe Delivery. Keeping with the cricket theme of this post… Riyaz who is doing BDS in Gulbarg once told me that students in his college call a Gynaecologist a WicketKeeper (dnt ask y?)…. LoL HaHaHaHA !!!) I just dont care about the records Sachin makes… all I want is to see him playing for India. He is the reason I watch cricket! Can’t imagine watching cricket after him. And why imagine such weird things if he continues to play in his current form. Some fuN> Try “Akshay Surve” with the quotes in Google search. You would see a result with 53 runs scored. Well, that me.. and I am so so proud of it… LoL! Don’t know how proud I would have if I had 35 centuries with my name… LoL

Good bye for now.

Will go and study….. yah yah I knw… Nothing GR8!

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