Advanced Miroprocessor

I am afraid of subjects related to Microprocessors (Mup) like COA, Mup and now Advanced Mup. I really am! Its so scary… so so scary. I cant explain. As scary as the film Raat (remembered of this film because it was being shown on cable last night and I didnt have the guts to see it alone. I still remember the bed scene(LoL… i hpe ppl who have seen the movie would figure out.. the rest use ur wicked imagination) in the film which haunted me for months).

Well, not because its difficult for me but just because I can finish the subject from scratch in a day. Can’t figure out why? Also, revising just takes hours (around 6hrs). I dont find these figures from any viewpoint normal. Is there anyone on this plannet facing a similar situation.. do let me know! I would atleast feel a little better.

Now, about the paper… Just another classic MU paper filled with lots of expected questions, unequally distributed weightage and a couple of ambigious questions in between and you are in for a ride. Not as exciting as Essel World ones but much worse considering the fact that your future depends on it.

Did manage to attempt a decent total in the end.

BTW i hate the word ‘attempt‘. Don’t know why I included it in my vocab. It plays on your mind so badly that you only think of ‘attempting’ things rather than answering questions to their merit.

Frnds and their foes plz do remind me what we used to use instead of the word ‘attempt‘ in our school days. I desperately want to remeber it. I am sure there must be some good word to use instead of ‘attempt’. Plz,plz,plz…

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  1. The following are the synonyms for the word “attempt”:-
    crack… more are there!

    You can use any of the above instead of the word “attempt”.
    Example:-I can try to understand ur feelings.LoL.

    You dont need to remember of ur school days to find it.LoL.

    Dont hesitate to ask me if u need more examples.You are welcome anytime.LoL

    U say:-“Is there anyone on this plannet facing a similar situation.. do let me know! I would atleast feel a little better”

    What will u do after feeling better?LoL.

    Dont get much haunted by films like “Raat”.They are just films, nothing else.LoL.

  2. No need for saying thnks my dear friend.Its my pleasure.LoL.

    Once you said its a very dicy situation when it comes to ur friends, about expressing ur feelings. Then why r u saying now that u feel like saying ‘LoL’.

    Next time think twice before u express ur so called feelings LoL.;-)!

  3. I do not recall any time in school when we had to discuss what we had “attempted”. The issue always was abt the marks and our personal score………..and not how much is attempted and will we pass or not??!!!

    So cant think of any synonyms for the word “attempted” which could fit in our school and junior coll lingo!!!!!

  4. @rohit: Again feels good, atleast someone remembers what I say !!!

    @ManAsi: hm… right even i thought so… our mindset was completely different then. Even i would try to stop thinking in these(‘attempt’) terms now . lets get back to those golden years…!

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