Remember this post: am i wrong…

Well now its featured on Barkha’s blog:!1p9GGRWKrg_tW-O7OoSjCqzA!376.entry

Theres a lot of confusion regarding this rhyme that I tried to write. Well let me try and make things clearer if not clear.

What I have written is what i feel or more properly said its how I take things and act accordingly. Also, its not written for a particular person but may be triggered by a particular incident. I always played with this question in my mind whether one should tell the other person what you feel about them… may be relatives, frnds, girl friends 😉 etc. Its a dicy situation when it comes to frnds. I mean i believe tat friendships take place. I dont remember myself saying to any of my close frnds that we are best friends. I guess that feeling just seeps in. Do check out wat Pascal has to say… very thoughtful! I do find it appropriate for relatives and gFs though ;-).

Finally, someone did relate to what i think!
I feel like singing Acha lagta hai in the tone of the ClubHP advertisement.

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