pLaNs… pLaNs and more pLaNs

Yup, I am a Planner. (For the technically inclined… i m a Continuous Planning Agent)

Planning is one thing that keeps me going on and on… all year round. I make plans for most of the things I wanna do… be it academics, projects, resolutions, outings and wat not.

Some feel that implementing a plan is very very important and rightly so! Whats the use of making plans and not sticking to them. Isn’t it Right? My answer would be Yes and No. Yes, because conciously trying to implement your plans is a bare necessity but what is more important is that you keep on monitoring your approach and goals and replanning as and when necessary. Getting to your goals is what your objective should be and planning is just a process and a means. I dont always make plans to follow them but sometimes I jst try and make a plan to initiate a thinking process which i feel is very important.

Why am i discussing all this… ? Well bcoz its exam time and I am ready with my plans 😉 LoL !

Two days into the process and I have already made a few modifications to it! All for the good!
Do you wanna know wat it is …? OR should I keep it to myself!

Hey, one more plan is in the pipeline. Planning for a trek once again for Mahuli on 18th December but this time with my School_Friends . I am sure its gonna be gr8 FuN. Will keeep you all updated of it.

Planning for me is my thought process, its my lifeline


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  1. Good that your plans help you!!
    I can never plan for more than a week. Many reasons for that… which makes me feel I should write a post about not planning myself.

    “Continuous Planning Agent”
    hahahaha :))

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