cAn U SpOt tHe DiFfErEnCe

Somewhere from within I wanted to be there. One reason being, no one from my immediate family has been there. Its always feels good to be there first. Patil Kaka is very close to it(i thought he had made it) but he fell short of it. My brother wanted me to be there. Even my parents did (I guess so… esp my mom).

I still cant believe that i actually made it. Its been a long journey. So long that I have lost track of the phases that i have been through. ‘Then’ was just a couple of years back. For me the view of the world has changed(as you can see in the picture). I hope its for the good.

I just want to say ‘Bhai I made it‘. Good wishes to everyone who wanted me to be there.

[For those who (I guess everyone) have no clue, read further.]
Now I m 6 feet tall. Hurraaahhhh!!! The pic ‘Then!’ is how I would see my cupboard couple of years back (LoL..!!!) The cupboard was and still is more like a benchmark for me 😉