my rEsULTs R oUt. gOt 65%

Hey aLL my results are out.

got 65%. feels good bt also scary.

scary bcoz once again it was less efforts and more mrks.

someone rightly said ‘Engineering is not Hardwork, its jst Cleverwork’.

this is wat I feel when it comes to engg. examz…

Its simple,
to pass in engineering,

Its even simpler,
to get a KT.

Realizing this ‘simple’ thing makes a hell lot of difference in your approach and it is this approach which defines an individual.

AlL in all its been a gr8 year… and a good start to da Final Year as welll

I already have a list of things ready to try in this final year. Will wrk hard for them !

Hey not to forget… thnks everyone for praying for me… [I m sure u did pray for me] UR goodwishes sure did count. Thnks so mch.

Rst is fine

Take care.

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