cAmPuS PlAcEmEnT @ DBIT for Patni

Well Patni was the first to come to our college. No one was tat xcited abt it comming to our college bcoz Patni is not one of the companies that you wud lik to try da first time. The reason being tat its not the highest payer and also tat it leeches a lot of wrk out of you[which i dnt mind]. But I mst say frm the ppl i spoke to its gr8 to work there as a fresher. Nothing like Patni when it comes to gaining xperience. Now abt the whole procedure…

We were told tat ther was an aptitude test on 20th of June and pre-placement activity for a couple of days before it. I missed da Mahabaleshwar trip [wid my mom, masi and cousin varsha] to prepare for it. Had been to college for the first day of pre-placemeent activity on 17th. It wasnt anything spl bt nevertheless I got to play Tennis for 3-4 hrs in college. I decided tat the next 2 days I would sit at home and jst got thru RS Agarwal Quantitative Aptitude.

I must say the book is really good and it covers everything from Ist to Xth std. It took me 2 days to go thru most of the important sections of the book. I felt comfortable wid Maths once again after my Xth std.

I made a winning resume wid the help of my cousin Sushil. I used up all his Sunday afternoon for it [poor guy he jst gets a Sunday off]. By the end of the I was very confident abt my resume.

On the day of the interview I started reading thru the previous yr Patni pprs. I had hrd a lot of it repeats. We all assembled in college @ 9:00 as we were tld to. It was very unprofesional of the Patni ppl to come at 12 [they mst be having their own reasons]. Though within no time we were given the answer sheets and xplained abt the marking scheme [+1 and -1]. All the questions were of Quantitative Type only.

There wre abt 8-10 question which repeated and fortunately I remeberd the ans for most of them. I did find the other questions quite easy. Actually I only answerd the questions tat I was quite sure of. The last 10 questions were too simple. I feel sorry for the ppl who didnt reach there bcoz of time constraints.

Then there was this Presentation frm the Patni ppl which was intersting. Then the results for the aptitude were announced.

I was IN ! 18 ppl cleared the aptitude.

We were divided in 2 grps for a GD. The topic for us was “Global terrorism and its effect of IT Industry”. My opinion was that,

The IT industry is maturing and thus is not diretly affected by terrorism [bcoz the statistics say for themselves… the IT industry has only grown after 9/11] but terrorism directly affects the People and this is one thing which we cannot ignore. The IT industry can play a major role today to curb cyber terrorism which may be the next big thing after 9/11 in the near future.

After the GD the results were announced immediately and we were told tat it wasnt a elimination procedure bt jst to get us tlking nothing else. So everyone cleared it.

Were were told that the interview may be tomm or day after. I felt good bcoz i wud get a chance to brush up my C, C++ [strt frm scratch] and JAVA.

I started wid C++ and it tokk me a lot of time. By the next day I learnt thaat we wud hav an Interview on Friday da 24th 2:00pm @ Patni office. It was da same day whn Masi and Varsha wer gonna leave for Delhi. I spent da whole time I got to read abt C++ and also strengthen my resume. First I was gonan giv Amol a surprise if everything wud hav finished in a day or two bt since it took long I informed him. I sent him my resume and askd for his help. He relied wid a lot of chnges. He also suggested a one page resume which even I likd and the finally decided tat I need to mak my resume of jst one page. We workd on it for a long time online wid many chnges to the sentence formations, placement and design. Amol even helpd me to form my career objective [actually he wrote it for me and i felt i cud relate to it and so its in my resume now].

Finally it was Friday. I was all set for the Big day. Had said my goodbyes to Masi and lot of luv to Varsha. While I was tiying the knot of my tie I recieved a call frm Manav tat the interviews have been postponed bcoz of rains. This was the last thing I expected to happen and I was completely lost. I somehow kept cool confirmed the news and then jst kept quite. Good Varsha was here andI got to pass some time and ponder abt things.

I decided to go for this trek to Peth-Bhimashankar, bocz there was nothng else taht i cudd think of doing in the weekend. I learnt abt this trek frm Yahoo grps which I had subscribed after my first trek to Harishchandragad. Mom said a clear “NO” whn i tld her abt it. She wasnt comfortable wid the rainy season and i cudnt convince her tat it was the best time. I knew my parent wud agreee bt dint knw when. I prayed they agreed before it was too late and i cud co-ordinate wid others and leave for the trk in the monring.

Later in da day I went to see off Masi and Varsha. Kissed them goodbye.

LAter had a tought time convincing my parents and then co-ordinatin wid others. BT i finnaly made it and u can read abt the whole adventure in my next post.

Came back on Monday mornig at 1 and did sleep for a long time. Then again slept in the afternoon. Did make the final chnges in the resume and got them printed.

Day of the interview…

Was on time [not lik always… hahaha]. The office was nice. Now straight abt the interview…

My interview was taken by Divya Pandey some Senior manager of Product Engg division. She was relly cool and composed. Also she was completly informal bt i kept my coposure and distance.

Divya: Wats ur name..
Akky: My name is Akshay … Akshay Surve [i was stuill stnding]
Divya: Take a seat .. eb comfortable
Akky: Thnks.. [neways i was feeling conmfortable]
Divya: So r u frm the same college as Keith [he was in befor me]
Akky: Ya mam bt I m in Computers and he was frm Elec and Tele.
Divya: Oh nice so wat all programing langs u had
Akky: C, C++, JAVA and I also knw VB, PHP [i was praying she doesnt ask me anythin more abt C++ and JAVA]
Divya: gr8, so tell me diff of Java and C++
… then a few more JAVA questions… which I did answer to my best of knowledge and i uess satisfactorily 🙂
Akky: Mam we jst had JAVA for a mini project.
Divya: oki fine.. then r u comfortable wid C
Akky: Ya mam I am.
Divya: then she wrote some code and askd me tat will this run in C.
Akky: I did answer it rightly. I also let her knw tat da code wudnt run in C++. and wud un only in C
Divya: Do u knw Data Structure and alLL..
Akky: Ya
Divya: A coulple of questions on DS then …. [stack, Q , lnklist, doubly link list, heaps etc]
Akky: I did ans most of them well [she did try and trick me also bt it was xpected] I dint bluff in there. lik i didnt knw abt heaps and I tld so.
Divya: do u have any Qs for me.
Akky: Ya mam…[I had to get her to Web Programing somehow… loL this is called chipkaneka in Sushil Dada’s terms…] I wud like to knw whether Patni in more into Desktop applications or Web based enterprise solutions.
Divya: ya.. it is ….and its doing equally well…. blah blah blah ……
Akky: oh ncie
Divya: Why did u ask me this…
Akky: Mam bcoz I m more interstd in web programing. blah blah blah
Divya: Y so
Akky: Bcoz i hav done this and this ….. blah blah blah ……. [this was my chance to be in the limelight]
Divya: Oh nice then I mst mention this .. which she did in da form in frm of her.
[I felt i almost clinched it]
Divya: do u knw abt DBMS ….
Akky: Ya
Divya: wat abt BCNF
Akky: Boyce cord normal form
Divya: wat is it
Akky: Mam we have 3 NFs and BCNF comes after them… and BCNF is tough to remember .. [hahha. LoL {bt a contraolled one}]
Divya: hehehehe……. LoL
Divya: Then tel me abt 2NF
Akky: blah blah ba …….
Divya: tats all then …. you may leave
Akky: Thnk U mam

I felt good. Bt I am sure she didnt even look at my resume.

Got to knw the results [17 out of 18 were selected… i m srue they jst pickd some random person frm us and eliminated him] by evening after some hacking @ their office.

Tats ALL… nothing gr8, bt newways Welldone !

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  1. very BUSY week ha! but its a gr8 thing(though not surprising)when only 4 ppl from TE COMPS r selected,u r one amongst them.u r in the right place. u deserve it.all the best! may u have a glorious future!

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