Before the last minute passes by of the day
I have few things to say

It’s about me
I feel it’s about things I can clearly see

Today for many it was just another day
I know for me it was a special day

Thinking about things that I happened to do
I give each a thought and spare a second or two

With lots of rights and wrongs on the list
I just lie there and quietly assist

Seldom satisfied with the effort I make
I somewhere know the importance of the small steps I take

Judging the distance from my goal
I make sure I don’t miss the whole

So many things that can go wrong
I know it’s bound to happen when the path is long

With hope for things to happen right
I have my eyes set on a distant sight

Again there are things which I happen to completely ignore
I promise myself that tomorrow I will explore

By now the mind wanders like a kid in the park
I go deeper and deeper by each breath in the dark

Dreams are things that don’t easily come to me
I am the one who likes to imagine and see

Later when I open my eyes
I realize outside I have the blue skies

It’s now when I spare a thought and say
I hope I walk the talk today


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