Well, how did i remember of Rezonance’05 (UMIT tech-fest)…?

Its, bcoz today i attended Rezonance’06 and it was FuN lik always!

I still remember during the valedictory function last year(05) the whole audi was filed with girls (imagine.. the stall and balcony filled.. HOUSEFULL) except for the last two rows which was occupied by the DBIT boys.. :d Now, try and imagine the response winners from UMIT would be getting in the audi and so obvously we werent feeling tat good about it… as we(DBITians) had dominated it completely. So, just to feel good of wat we had done, we started giving a huge responce for all of us… giving a standing avation, shouting bosco bosco bosco… don bosco[victory call] (even few boys from other colleges joined us in it (read as Shiva… Vinod’s frnd)). Adding to it was a loud boo… and looser…loosers for Karan from AC Patil college who had used unethical ways to defeat Ravi…! We surely showed our vocal chords were functional and better than theatre Digital Dolby with Surround sound systems.

Everyone in there was shocked… never before have i seen organisers stunned with wat was happening in there. Above all I was then the CSI Chair of my college and very well knew the organising committe of the event and could easily recognise from their looks tat they were frozen.

One more thing… remember I had been to UMIT to conduct a workshop couple of weeks back. Back then I did happen to stumble upon a folder named aks_dbit while helping out one of the participants in the workshop. It didnt take time for me to realize it was the website I had created for WebD @ ReZoNaNcE’05 a year back.

You can take a look at it here > UMIT by me
Also, do chk out the official website of UMIT here > UMIT official website
Any comments???

[Comming up is WebD @ ReZoNaNcE’06…]