Myths around building an MVP

I’ve come across blue-eyed founders who use the term MVP frequently but end up falling prey to some common myths.

Release a minimum product – has-assed product. 

Reality: Release a product that helps you validate your core hypothesis

Let’s release what’s possible in 2/3 months

Reality: Constrain time to think creatively and shorten the Build-Measure-Learn loop

Tackle complexity head-on – Do the most complex bits of the product as part of the MVP

Reality: Find simpler ways to validate your core hypotheses

I will release the MVP and we will know whether it works. If it doesn’t then we will pivot

Reality: It will mostly not work, and it’s ok. First, start with what you plan to measure and go through a few follow up cycles of Build-Measure-Learn before thinking of a Pivot

I highly recommend you read the book “The Lean Startup” where Eric Ries popularized the term. Here are a few videos [1] & [2] (with interesting Q&A at the end) where he explains his philosophy and concepts.

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