Jaagte raho ;)

I am here at the CodeCampMumbai and we are hitting our keyboards real hard at this time in the night(2:00am). It’s 8 of us here still remaining and the enthusiasm is contagious. Me and Pavan are sitting in the balcony with our laptops while Deepak, Kurund, Ankur, Fenil, Latesh and Varun are sitting inside. It’s chilly out here and you have the balmy breeze making us feel comfortable all the time. We can hear birds chirping even at this time in the night.

It feels sublime and I feel I should enjoy the moment and the code and not blog about it now 😉

‘Jaagte raho’ is hindi for ‘Keep Awake’

Announcing CodeCampMumbai on Nov 17th & 18th

[FlashBack-Cut-1] Little less than a month back Ankur and me had a couple of mail exchanges over how we should try and bring the hacker/developer community together.

[FlashBack-Cut-2] During the closing session of BarCampMumbai2 there were some participants who were not satisfied with the technical depth of the sessions at the BarCamp. I took this opportunity and quickly created a simple CodeCampMumbai page on the barcamp wiki and announced the event on the stage.

[Present-Cut-3] Thus, emerged CodeCampMumbai and a format which is heavily influenced by some popular philosophies.

Here is what we have taken from other popular manifestos/cultures:


  • By and For the Developer Community
  • No Fluff – only Code

Read more: CodeCamp Manifesto


  • Race against time (24 hours)
  • Do something cool/complex/brainy

Read more here, here and here.


  • Share and learn in a open environment
  • No Spectators. Only Participants.

Read more here.

In short:
CodeCampMumbai caters to the community of CodeCampers, bound by the culture of Hackathons and is based upon open participative and collaborative nature of BarCamps.

Date:: 17th – 18th Nov 2007
Register here:: http://barcamp.org/CodeCampMumbai
Venue:: IIT-B Mumbai
Mailing list:: http://groups.google.com/group/codecampmumbai

If you love to code and code for the love of it you ought to be present. See you there 😉

Signal vs Noise

Just pruned my feed subscriptions in Google Reader from 800+ to less than 300. I feel lighter now 😉

P.S. Leave me a link to your blog below in the comments. Thanks.

anonimit.net is live!

anonimity.net is live!

anonimity.net is an ideal get away from social networking apps. its a one of its kind testbed for anonimity on the web with comments, tagcloud and postflood.


* anonimity at all times

* celebrate anonimity: confess, ask, poll, comment

* track:if you create a login you can track everything. though any which ways we make no distinction between a person who has created the post or is just tracking a post. so at all times we never know who created a post.

* no profile, no friendlist, no community, no followers, no apps, no networking, no poke, no wall posts (thanks, i can hear the applause!)

reasons to pursue this idea:

* people (atleast i,) find social networking today annoying at times. i must thank it for finding my old friends and helping me connect with them but it ends there. now-a-days i find it becoming too intrusive.

* ideal platform for people to share, confess, poll and discuss away from their social network. there is no “me” and along with it there are no inhibitions. One can reach out to this whole world anonymously.

* it would be interesting to see how people interact,react,contribute by being anonymous.

read announcement here:anonimity.net is live !

Can someone please explain this to ME ?

Just stumbled upon these domain names while checking out alexa rankings and after discussing about a simple domain name extractor with a friend of mine.

What do you think of these domains:

sina.com.cn & com.cn

Oh! Fine they are in chinese can’t make out what those websites are all about but I would always think that sina is a sub-domain of com.cn (Not sure whether its the case here)

Now to add to the complexity I google and found these domain names too:

www.google.com.cn & www.com.cn

www.google.com.my & www.com.my

In both these cases IMHO the former would qualify to be a fourth level domain for the latter second level domain.

Am I right OR is there something I am missing here ?

Humanity to Others ;-)

Ubuntu which means ‘Humanity to others’ is back with its latest version Ubuntu 7.04 whose release code name is ‘Fiesty Fawn’. It was released on my birthday April 19th. Isn’t it a cool birthday gift >? LoL I have kept my desktop for an upgrade to this new version and I am really excited about it.

Did I tell you my research paper got accepted?

The research paper “Optimizing Web Search Results using User Feedback” based on the prototype feedee has been accepted at the International Conference on Business and Information (Tokyo, Japan).

I am really excited about it. Not sure whether I would be able to make it to the conference (anyone ready to finance?). I would like to congratulate Manav (co-author) and our guide Prof. Amiya Tripathy (co-author). Big thanks to DBIT(Don Bosco Institute of Technology), Dr. Revathy Sundarajan, Dr. S. Krishnamoorthy, Reshma Nayak (who also burnt some mid-night oil 😉 and so many others.

I would surely try working on another paper as it been a full-filling journey and this time it would be more concrete and thorough.