Humanity to Others ;-)

Ubuntu which means ‘Humanity to others’ is back with its latest version Ubuntu 7.04 whose release code name is ‘Fiesty Fawn’. It was released on my birthday April 19th. Isn’t it a cool birthday gift >? LoL I have kept my desktop for an upgrade to this new version and I am really excited about it.

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  1. Ubuntu seriously rocks ! I’m using it full time for a month now. Windows XP couldn’t connect to wireless network at office. [:D]

    Plus there is this offline RSS feed reader called Liferea. I searched for free offline RSS readers for windows but didn’t find any. Now I have become so dependent on Liferea.

    And there is the 3D desktop goodness. I turned it off after a while though. checkout my modified desktop look and feel.

  2. Oh wow !

    Hey even I have been using the same OSX wallpaper for a long time now.

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