Design Refreshed! December 2009 December 2009

I get bored with the design on my blog so often that I keep playing with its look and feel all the time. I have just made a switch to a new design and look forward to your views on it. Even if you have no opinion on it – please do drop in to say ‘Hi’. Feels good 🙂

2 Replies to “Design Refreshed!”

  1. Sorry for the earlier comment 🙂

    The site looks good. But this is coming from a guy who does not not understand beauty 🙂

  2. like the different feeling! except the sharp colors from one of the ad, which massed up a bit the design~~however, it’s the ‘Ads4Good’, so I clicked : ) just wondering if the light color background behind your mark is part of the new design?
    take care!

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