Is my Internet connection down?

Below is a snippet of conversation between Me and Myself:

Me: Is the Internet connection down?

Myself: One second. Let me Google. Presses ‘⌘+Option+F‘, types a search query (usually ‘Akshay Surve’) and hits ‘Return’

Myself: Oops. Yes it is!

(3 seconds)

Me: The Internet modem seems alright. Must be a service provider issue.

Myself: May be.

Myself, checks up some random link or bookmark ( If it loads in the first attempt, presses ‘⌘+R‘ multiple times to make sure that it’s not loaded from the cache. He tries searching on Google once again but still the Google search results pages doesn’t load.

Myself: Hey, did load.

Me:(Concludes) site is working, Internet is down! :p

Do you identify with Me and Myself?

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