I will be attending the BarCampPune3 today.

The lineup of sessions seems to be exciting. Personally I am interested in meeting new people, people whose blogs i follow, people who i have read about, people who i have spoken to on phone, people with whom i have had email exchanges with and finally few people who i have known. So, all in all its going to be an interesting bunch of people who I am going to meet 🙂

Hey if you qualify to be among the people who I plan to meet then do use the code ‘aiwa’ when you greet me :p (LoL)

Now I have interesting people to meet at the BarCamp, a Nikon 4600 and I also have a Sansa 2.0gb c250 player/recorder. Lets see if I can put them to some good use :>?

Before signing off allow me to link back to BarCampMumbai posts (2005).

BarCampPune3… here i come 😉

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  1. Hey, this is so misleading! I thought this is some full on bar related camp where alcoholics will get together and beat each other silly after laughing at the non drinkers on this planet. And i was wondering why go all the way to Pune for that untill i realied this is some programmers meet!

    For a second i was so happy for you that u being a teetotaler have finally decided to start drinking….

    I have serious doubts if this comment will ever make it.

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