Ready for an adventure?

Amit was here over the weekend for some placement activity of his. He is an HR (Assistant Manager) in Wipro. The last time when he was here we had a blast. We (me, amit and sankool) went around on bike to explore Mumbai’s night life.Had Pav bhaji at Bhagvati around 2:30 in the night. We spent rest of the night at Juhu Hotel near the sea side sipping coffee. The next day around afternoon Amit and me left for Borivali National Park. We checked out the Tiger and Lion safari where we saw a very cute white tiger. The Lions there were pretty boring. Later in the day Swapnesh joined us and we checked out Gorail Beach. We reached the beach just after sunset and caught a glimpse of the boats on the beach in an unforgettable silhouette. Later, we just passed our time on a ramp which extended in the sea. There was a continuous balmy breeze and the pitch dark sky along with bright stars rendered an unforgettable image in our hearts. For dinner we visited Punjabi Pind at Raghulela Mall. The place just rocks. If I had not been to this place I could say I had never been to Punjab, but can’t say that now. It was FuN.

This time around I was a little busy with things (some deadlines at office) and my trip to NirmaLabs didnt make things easier. He stayed over at my place and had dinner too. Mom had prepared some nice pulav and salad to go with it. We had a marathon session of debate after dinner. I must confess I am not at all good at debates. The last debate I remember I ended up supporting the opponent’s claim. If historical records are to be considered then Amit is a pro. Even then I managed to defeat Amit. Amit said he hadn’t practised it for long (What an excuse). Anyways the next day I had lot of things lined up to complete before I left the city so we couldn’t plan anything in advance. After a lot of confusion (from Amit’s side) we decided to meet at Andheri around 10pm. I somehow managed to reach on time. We decided to have dinner at Alfa. When Amit’s around I can depend on him choosing the menu. We started with Chicken Kutubshahi and Prawn Masala with Naan. Then went on to Chicken Afgani and Jeera rice. Finished with Rose Falooda and Phirni. Had a masala paan to top it all.


We both are by instincts adventure enthusiasts. Amit has trekked more than 80 forts in Maharashtra. Some of which he has trekked multiple times. During dinner we were thinking of planning some adventure in the coming months. Amit wanted to trek the Himalayas in August – October. I thought of a cooL trekking cum desi trotting experience. The deal was to start with a set amount of money and set number of days and to try and cover as much of a particular location. Sounds interesting? Here is the formal invitation if you want to be part of this expedition. Pre-requisites include compatibility, excitement and zest to take things as they come by. Shoot me an email or push your comments here.

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  1. Hi,

    I was trying to look up a small (2 -3 day) and easy trek around Pune or Bombay and Google kept popping you name up, so I though maybel I could enqire ifoyu know of any groups who organise this kind a thing.

    I am a first timer and am not just looking to get out of work and stretch my lazy limbs a bit.

    PS – Havent found anything as of yet

    BTW nice blog.


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