Gandhigiri – is it still relevant?

“Gandhigiri – is it still relevant?”, is a simple question which you need to ask yourself and find your own answer. (I am trying to do the same here)
Gandhigiri to me is adherence to simple but powerful values of truth and morality. Questioning Gandhigiri is questioning the relevance of these essential values. People (sometimes even me 😉 fail to realize the potential of Satyagraha and non-violent protests (or just prefer to ignore). Blame it on myopia. People want to see favourable results instantly and so tend to use other means (read by hook or by crook). I just hope people regain their belief in the effectiveness of non-violent protests. For me the best part of non-violent protests is that we maintain our composure and compel others to pay heed to our request.
I like the term ‘Gandhigiri’ and in general I do like buzz words (read Web2.0 etc). They give you a fresh perspective to look at things. Its like repackaging of sorts to cater to the tastes of the new generation. Bole toh… Zhaakass !

One Reply to “Gandhigiri – is it still relevant?”

  1. After-effects / side-effects of Munnabhai na……….heheheheheh
    ” Gandhigiri is adherence to simple but powerful values of truth and morality.”

    i agree to this…..but will it hold true now is a very debatable issue..
    but as form which combined entertainment wid education ……..excellent !!!!!!!!

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