One eventful month and a half!

BE Final Exams

As us usual they were unpredictable, unsatisfactory and unreal.

After exams !

The vacation started and I was already bored. Felt a void of sorts as nothing was left to do (as a student) and lots of expectation and aspiration of my own and others to be fulfilled. I now know its easier to be a student and best to remain one. I am not very sure how to remain a student but I can try.


Yup, the rains were here and so it made a great season to trek. To add to it the exams were over and so needed some real valuable break to get over them. Planned couple of treks in quick sucessions to Prabalgad and Matheran-Peb (hey any1 thinking of gifting me a Flickr PRO account :p). It was an amazing experience like all treks are. They had a nice mix of exploration and adventure. Add to it the overall green ambience and some rain showers when they were needed. Surprisingly we even discovered water bodies on both the treks which were the icing on the cake. Water really has a relaxing effect on muscles but then getting out of it and continuing becomes doubly hard.

Hey if u fancy trekking and adventure do let me knw. I love to go on treks with first timers. Their entusiasm just rubs on you.

School Friends Meetup at Juhu

One of those spl moments u dare not miss. ( To give u sneak peek of the FuN we had, here is a snippet of one of my mails on our groups after the meetup, for friends who missed the meet! )

In the water… all were behaving like kids. Yah smaller than our
school days. Splashing water on eachother… one by one ( taking turns
) in targetting others. Some scared of water ( may be the
she was not sure of the water quality… comeon believe me it was very
clear as if filtered LoL). To cut it short we splashed water, ran
behind eachother, fell completely in the water at some point of time
played cutting the cake in water… yah and 15
meters sprint in the water too. LoL . Mst be like 1.5 hrs in water.


Finally, we were joined by Sunny, Romil and Dheeral ( good to see they
took the efforts to reach there) for dinner at Paratha House. It was
FuN talking abt everything from school, sensex, hedge funds, ca,
commerce, ex-flames, particularity, eating, vassoooli, capacity and yeah rains.

Thnks to all who made it to the meet. I am sure no one cud hav askd
for more… and everyone looked happy by the end with glistening eyes
and hunger for more such meets in months to come.

Heres a pic. (Sorry for the link to Orkut album.) This is one of my favorite pics. Just love the feel of it!

Suffered from Flu

This was something completely unexpected. LoL ! No one wud but then I never thought of flu as evil. I thought flu is whn u feel feverish for a night… take crocin and continue with ur life the next day. It turned out to be quite an experience too. Cold, sore throat, weakness, joint pains, fever, heaviness in the head all together. All this also meant I missed my weekend trek but then on the otherhand lots of other things to talk about. Behaved like a kid (a very very small one), slept most of the time, askd mom to take a holiday..:d. Lost track of the days and wished Shwetha on her birthday a day later as if i was wishing on the same day and she reminding me tat i sud actually wish her belated happy birthday. I also finished reading ‘The Google Story‘. Had been to college too after feeling a little better.

The Google Story

The most striking feature of the Google story for me would be that Brin and Page were not in it to make money or had BIG plans. All they wanted was to provide a better search tool. Something which was not available then and Google was their pursuit to fill in this void.
Pinstorm !

Yup ! I have joined Pinstorm. If you follow my blog then you must have read about Pinstorm in one of my earlier posts.

[more about it later… ( abt pinstorm, ppl, interview, first day, first few days, etc. )]

Hm… I feel thats it! Did I miss anything? Let me knw !

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