Yup this semester is officially now over. Our project vivas finally got over.

A Few highlights though:

  • I feel the slides I made jst RoCkD !!!
  • Amiya Sir offered me coffee and I readily accepted it (shameless me !)
  • Amiya Sir rcommended our project as being something new and different (Thnks Sir).
  • Manav started the presentation and after a few slides the external asked for a break and we offcourse agreed. So, Manav did start everything again. (ya and now without any loop holes)
  • Surprisingly, the external was knowledgeable (LoL)
  • The external demanded an Architecture diagram of the project frm all our previous proj grps and they didnt have any clue of it. They tried to divert his attention by showing him all sorts of diagrams bt this guy just insisted on an Architectrue diagram. On the other hand I designed on one diagram in our project which was the Architecture diagram. (( ;-))
  • Convinced him about the implementation details and the rest (was the easiest part)
  • The external said GOOD at the end of our presentation (I wanted to shout Yes! loudly bt I jst let that moment pass… self-control hahaha)
  • Jst did wait for the last two presentations to get over. Good we did bcoz by the last presentation none of the students were there and the external was full throtle screwing the last grp(contrary to belief voh pak gaya hoga)… even the principal joined in. I m sure if we wudnt have been there toh yeh log unko khaa jaate (…support)

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  1. hey thats gr8 news…so plans for the vacation? You were planning a trek…still on? …take care..ciao

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